Buffalo Delicatessen by Boras

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Buffalo Delicatessen by Boras

The buffalo meat is a healthy solution for those who think about consequences of fat. Buffalo came in Greece in 1922 with refugees from Asia Minor. Mr. Zelias Boras, one of the two brothers and co-founders of the company, shared with us their project which concerns buffalo meat processing in a highly integrated unit where excellent buffalo products are being manufactured.

Βuffalo meat gives excellent dishes that have become known nationwide and have highlighted Kerkinis' area as a culinary destination.

The family launched buffalo meat processing project in 2001. In the beginning, like anything new, was met with disbelief. But the product was created to succeed and thus spearheaded the famous buffalo kavourmas delicatessen, company became known and managed to create a wide sales network both in Greece and abroad with exports in Germany and Sweden, and soon in other countries.

Note that for the start of the adventurous project the founders used own funds, and selected the their origin place, a village called Livadia in Serres prefecture near Kerkini lake to materialize their idea . 

The unit operates in collaboration with the local cooperative buffalo farmers in a mutual effort to maintain the high quality of buffalo meat. Among other difficulties of this job, he stressed the difficulty in buffalo meat processing as it very particular and demands special treatment and expertise to be "worked". Its taste is not  similar to any other meat's as it resembles more to hunting meat.

Except for superb cold cuts, Boras Company also supplies fresh, not processed, buffalo meat to the markets.

The unit is one of the few operating in the Mediterranean. It is significant to mention that in a recent international food fair attended by companies from 200 countries, Boras was the the sole participant with processed buffalo meat products.  Speaking in numbers, the company had in 2001 a production of about 150kg and through the years arrived in 2016 production of 60 tons which definitely shows a steadily growing audience that seeks to add something new and special to its existing diets. Boras products belong to this class.

Our favorite Boras product is Kavourmas, a very special cold cut which contains cooked buffalo meat and remains the most popular product of the company with dozens of recipes and countless variations.

The peculiarity of this innovative selection of buffalo meat, patenting kavourmas buffalo meat in 2008, all the amazing reviews of famous chefs and critics, ISO certifications and HACCP, the trace-ability system and many golden awards for all company products summarize the main characteristics of Boras' long course. You can find Boras products in super markets, butchers, delicatessen shops or by contacting directly the company to get your favorite products.

For news and competitions visit www.borasvouvalicious.gr 

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