Mastelo® - Cow Cheese Mastelo®

Mastelo® - Cow Cheese Mastelo®

There is a wrong impression that Mastelo® is a type of Chian cheese. However Mastelo® is the trade name of the cheese first produced in 1994 by K. Toumazos in Chios.

A product with semi soft texture and aroma of milk was produced by excellent cow Chian milk balanced with the necessary proteins, fat, vitamins and salt.  

Cow cheese Mastelo® is white, digestive and tasty. Its slightly salty taste, the aroma of milk, the pure manufacturing process but also its special flavor when grilled, are the reasons for which it is so cherished (in the restaurants it is served grilled and is considered to be an excellent local delicacy). 

Cow cheese Mastelo® accompanies dinner as table cheese and is also an excellent material for creative salads and novel recipes. It has 29% fat, 46% humidity and 1,6% salt percentage. 

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