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Vetch Idice  Creator: S.I.S Bologna  Early variety  Robust plant with lush foliage &n..
Barley Andromeda  Morphological characteristics:   Ear: Type two-row Height: Medium (80-90..
Oat Variety: PegasusType: Avena sativa Height: Low (90-100 cm)Agronomy and Physiology Till..
Morphological characteristics :  Height: Short (85 ± 10 mm)  Ear length: Medium  Endo..
Oilseeds are being procured by agricultural producers and then crushed and processed into seed oils ..
Cereal grains, basic ingredients of human nutrition, are the raw materials for many sectors in the f..
The seed oil mill processes 120 tons of cotton seed per day (24 hours) and produces about 95 tons of..
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