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Calendula ChamomileUse: Body Face HairMainly for: Healing action on xerodermia and eczema Skin ..
Jasmine SilkUse: Body Face HairMainly for: Skin elasticity improvementSkin type: All skin typesA soa..
Mastic Silk  Use: Body Face HairMainly for: Wound healing and antiseptic action. Hair strengthe..
Rose Argan OilUse: Body, Face, HairMainly for: Nourishment with anti-aging actionSkin type: All skin..
Hair Plasis is the first natural Greek dying lotion, enriched with organic extracts of camomile*, ca..
An ideal synthesis of plant extracts, rich in vitamins and nourishing ingredients, that helps build ..
Hair soap for weak hair, hairloss with rosemary and bay essential oils, olive, coconut, almond and c..
99% pure  prickly pear oil rich in linoleic and palmitic acid. A light oil that penetrates..
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