1. Visit and log in using the email and password associated with your account.

    If you do not yet have an account, visit the sign up page and follow the onscreen instructions to create one for free.

  2. Search for a product or a supplier.
    There are multiple methods of searching. Browse by category, by product, by supplier, and certainly some will fit your needs better. Finding the right sources can give you the competitive advantage you've been looking for.
    Locating them could be done in two ways:

    Let suppliers find you.

    You have an idea and want to see if if there is a product that fully meets your requirements or a supplier who can custom make your product? Want to save time and have suppliers contact you through your account? Suppliers can view your request and respond.

    When posting such a Buying Interest Form you'll get better leads if you follow some simple guidelines:

      Headline: enter the name or type of the product you're looking for.

      Product keywords: Suppliers find your entry through keywords. Using popular keywords will help you reach the maximum number of suppliers and get the best quotes.

      Description: While the description can be brief, try to include as many details about the product as you can including product type, details, quantity, price expectation, delivery time etc. This way, suppliers will understand exactly what you are looking for and come back to you with quotes that meet your terms.

      Contact options: Since security is important, choose how you want suppliers to contact you.

    Once you click "Send", suppliers will be able to contact you directly. You will receive replies from Greek sellers and you will be able to judge their responses based on the criteria you have set.

    Find suppliers yourself.

    If you already know what you're looking for, your best choice to find suppliers is by searching directly. You can search for products using keywords, by entering words or phrases into the products search bar from the homepage.

    You can also search by category using the categories menu along the left side of the homepage. Select a category and click a subcategory to search for products and find exactly what you want.

    Click into the product detail page and then to the company website to research and evaluate if they are suitable supplier for your needs. Once you've located your supplier follow the procedure to contact them:
    Click on the product detail page. There, you can evaluate whether the product and / or the supplier meet your needs and requirements. Once you 've located the object of your interest you can contact them by completing the form to send an email. A good email would be something that is concise and easy to read. Fill out the message form by entering a subject line, and message to the supplier. This message should include any questions you may have about the products. You can refer to the price and terms, minimum order quantity, samples, specifications, delivery time, and company description. Click the "Contact supplier" button when you are finished to complete the process and send your message to the seller.
    You can also contact the supplier you are interested in using the active links that exist in the contact details or get from the same place, other ways of communication.

    Note: It will be your responsibility to continue with the deal by negotiating with the supplier/seller.
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