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The use of electronic pages and services of the website (hereinafter G for Greece) by the visitor / user implies full agreement with the following terms of use which apply to all content included on the website. Therefore, as a user / visitor, you must carefully read these terms before using the services of our Internet platform and if you don’t agree with them, please do not use the services and content. You have to check the content of terms of use periodically for changes. Staying on this site even after the posting of changes will mean the unconditional acceptance of these conditions by the user / visitor.

            1. THE COMPANY

    The website is the official company's electronic platform called «GFORGREECE LIMITED» (hereinafter the Company). The headquarters of our company is located in 10 Agamemnonos st, Regent Court 16, Flat 304, 1041 Nicosia, Cyprus. In G for Greece you will find a large variety of products produced in Greece and Cyprus. Specifically, through G for Greece, companies, products and services, mainly from Greece and Cyprus, are displayed by categories. Thus, as a user / visitor, you can choose from a wide range of products that cover the needs of all kinds, both personally and professionally. The aim of G for Greece is to continuously enrich the experience of the user / visitor by offering innovative features and user experience.

    2. CONTENT

    The Company makes every effort to ensure that the content of G for Greece will contain complete, accurate, clear, valid, informative, updated and non-misleading information. In any case there isn’t any form of liability, responsibility, commitment or guarantee of the Company relating to the security and content. The users / visitors of G for Greece, visitors and / or registered, accept the possibility of failure of control by the Company of all of contents and services displayed. In addition, the Company makes no warranty that the use of information, data or materials included in the content of G for Greece by users / visitors will not infringe rights of third parties. The use of G for Greece by each user is at his own risk and the content is not and shall in no way be interpreted as consulting, direct or indirect inducement to users / visitors to proceed to any act. The evaluation of the content is up to each user / visitor who takes the full responsibility for the use of any part of it. It is noted that users / visitors of G for Greece who are minors are not allowed to access the services of G for Greece that may be considered inappropriate for minors and which cannot be controlled by the Company. If however minor users / visitors voluntarily visit pages with material inappropriate / offensive / immoral and which cannot be controlled continuously, the Company assumes no responsibility. Users / visitors are solely responsible for the ownership and maintenance of telephone connections, computers and equipment, in general, which is necessary for using the services of G for Greece.


    In order to make use of the services and information of G for Greece as well to communicate with suppliers displayed through this electronic platform by the Company, it is necessary that the user discloses certain essential personal information through his / her registration as a member of the services of this website. The user, during registration to the services of G for Greece, agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the data requested from G for Greece into the relevant forms / applications for access to content / services and maintain and thoroughly inform the registration data in order to keep those true, accurate, valid, current and complete. Once the user completes the registration process, he / she will receive a personal confirmation code of access (password) and user name that he will appoint. As users, you remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under your personal password, name, and generally the use of account (user account) and you are solely responsible for the proper use of your account. The Company is not liable for any damage or injury resulting by the inability of users to respect and follow these terms. Users agree to immediately notify the Company about any unauthorized use of their account and any starting and / or a possible security infringement. Please read below about the use and protection of your personal data by the Company.


    The users / visitors of this electronic platform and of all the services must provide accurate and truthful information, upon the registration process at G for Greece and the transactions undertaken with suppliers of products and services presented in G for Greece. Upon registration, each user / visitor gives full consent for his / her data to be registered in the database and the corresponding contact forms with the promoted suppliers of G for Greece. At this point, we note that the Company and G for Greece are not responsible for the further use of the data of users / visitors by any alleged supplier in G for Greece, in which the user / visitor choose to do business or even to communicate. Every user / visitor is fully responsible for using G for Greece or any of its content and he / she can use its services for lawful and legitimate purposes only and in good faith and honest practices. They may not use G for Greece in any way that could cause any kind of damage, including destroy or harm servers or networks on our platform or any part thereof, or in any way hinders access, use and exploitation of the services or content of G for Greece. The user / visitor has not the right to create false accounts with fraudulent, unlawful or unfair in general intentions, or to collect or store personal data of other users / visitors by any means, for any purpose at any time or to assist others in actions as the above purposes and in general carry out any action similar to the above even not specifically reported herein. The user / visitor is not entitled to any compensation for the possible cancellation or suspension of his account in our software, even if it is done without notice and without any reason at its sole discretion.


    Through G for Greece and particularly through specific procedures, the exchange of information between users and suppliers of products and services is allowed. However, the G for Greece does not represent supplier or user to particular transactions, it has no control and accepts no responsibility for the quality, safety, legality or availability of the products or services offered for sale on the site or for the ability of suppliers to complete a sale or the ability of users to complete a purchase. The Company draws attention to users / visitors of G for Greece that there may be risks with people acting under false pretenses. However, because the user authentication on the Internet is difficult, the G for Greece cannot confirm the assumed identity of each user. We urge you to use various means, and common sense, to evaluate with whom you can do business. Any user / visitor recognizes and assumes any risk arising from an ongoing transaction, while G for Greece accepts no responsibility whatsoever, as their role is limited to viewing the respective suppliers. If any user / visitor has a dispute with any part of the transaction, agrees that exempts in any case the Company from all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses and any losses arising from or in connection with this transaction. as he / she recognizes, using the services of G for Greece, that the Company is not responsible.6.


    The whole design of this website, text, graphics, the selection and settings thereof are the intellectual property of the Company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European legislation and international conventions. The content of G for Greece is not and under no circumstances should be construed as granting any express or implied license or right to use any Trademark displayed on it without the Company's written permission or such of third party that may own the Trademarks displayed therein. The trademarks, logos and distinguishing marks that appear in G for Greece and illustrations of persons or places or things that are part of its content, are owned by the Company or third parties. Their use is strictly prohibited without securing prior written authorization by the Company or the respective third parties, unless otherwise provided in the applicable terms of use. Products, services, names, brands or trademarks of third parties that appear in G for Greece, are the intellectual and industrial property of third parties who bear the responsibility. The information submitted to the Company via the G for Greece, is treated as non-confidential information and do not constitute asset of the user. If possible, the Company owns everything that is transferred or relayed or sent through G for Greece .The Company may collect limited information about its commercial activities.7.


    The company processes the data that has been entered by the user / visitor, strictly obeying the relevant provisions of Law 2472/1997, in order to inform the user / visitor for anything that occurs accordingly and for his / her movements in the electronic platform and to communicate with him / her when necessary. These data will not be disclosed or sold to third parties, unless in case of secrecy lifting or liabilities that may arise from the implementation of Community Directives. By registering their personal data, users / visitors agree that employees of our Company can use these data solely regarding confirmation and identification of user data, information about new products and any offers that appear in G for Greece and fit the user profile that is formed. The user / visitor is entitled to have access to all information that has been submitted to the Company (access no. 12 n. 2472/97) and in any time arose objections about to the processing of data relating to him (right of objection no. 13 n. 2472/97). For the exercise of the right to object to the processing of data, each user / visitor can address to

    8. COOKIES

    The cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser as you navigate on G for Greece. Like most websites, the G for Greece uses cookies in order to recognize the user and offer personalized services such as automatic recognition as a registered user after connecting or automatic recognition when performing purchases. Depending on the duration, cookies are either "temporarily» (session cookies) or "persistent» (persistent cookies). Our Company uses "temporary cookies» for automated customer recognition as a registered user after connecting or browsing safe subpages. These are stored on your computer or an equivalent electronic device during your visit to G for Greece and are deleted when you exit it. In addition we use "persistent cookies» to improve the performance of our website to personalize the use of the website in order to provide online content corresponding to the choices and interests of each user / visitor. They remain on your computer or an equivalent electronic device for longer than the "temporary" and should be deleted by the user / visitor. In the table below we present cookies according to Google Analytics:

Cookie name
Default Time
2 years from set/update
Used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and no existing __utma cookies exists. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmb, __utmc
30 mins from set/update
Used to determine new sessions/visits. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and no existing __utmb cookies exists. Both those cookies help to determine whether the user was in a new session/visit
6 months from set/update
Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site.
2 years from set/update
Used to store visitor-level custom variable data. 

    In the settings (menu) of most browsers there are instructions for the procedure to be followed to erase cookies from your computer.


    Note to users / visitors that in G for Greece there are "links» (hyperlinks or banners) to other websites including suppliers, on which the Company has no control of management or their services and privacy policies that is held by them. The use of these links exclusively is subject to their own terms of use, for which users / visitors must be informed. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage that may occur to users / visitors from using them. The connection to these links takes place with individual responsibility of the user.


    Limitation of Liability: The Company assumes no responsibility for the quality of the products of the displayed suppliers, as well as the individual parts of the transaction (payment, shipping products, etc.), which occurs in the environment of each supplier.

    Amendment of these terms: the Company reserves the right to modify or update the terms of use and conditions of trade. The Company undertakes to update the present text about any change or addition.


    These terms and conditions and their amendments shall be governed and construed in accordance with Greek law. If any provision is held to be invalid or voidable, shall automatically lapse, without in any way affecting, for this reason, the validity of the remaining provisions. Any dispute arising from the use of G for Greece submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.

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