Yamas Ouzo Lemon RTD Ready to Drink Spirit

Yamas Ouzo Lemon RTD Ready to Drink Spirit

Supplier: Yamas
Product Code: YY-00201

Ouzo and Lemon RTD Ready to Drink Spirit by Yamas

Ouzo is Greece's national spirit. The word Ouzo is a name traditionally used to describe a spirit, the history of which is lost in the depths of time.

Οuzo owes its characteristics to the substances used to aromatize it and more particularly to anise. It  is probably the most social drink ever created, perfect for sharing with friends. It is the drink for companionship and confessions that cannot ever be copied. It has been linked with the sun, the sea, the joy of life. Its taste has conquered first Greece and then knowers all around the world. 

The innovative combination highlights the intensity of ouzo through the freshness of lemon juice 

Bottle 275ml


5% Lemon juice

4% Alcohol


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